Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Getting Started

Where does one begin when they are sick and tired of being sick and tired on any level in their lives? I heard a story told by Dr. Wayne Dyer once about a man who lost his car keys inside of his house... A neighbor saw him outside by his mailbox under a street light looking all around and the neighbor asked, "what are you looking for?" the gentleman replied my car keys. The neighbor asked, "do you remember where you left them?" The gentleman replied, "in my house"... so why are you out here looking for them asked the neighbor because there is light and I thought if I looked where there is light maybe I would find my keys"...

The moral is the man looked outside in the light even though he knew what he wanted was not there but it was easy and comfortable. It did not matter that he would never find what he was looking for if he stayed there because in that moment he wanted the easy way but did it give him the result he desired? Are you looking outside even though you know what you seek is inside? If you are willing to go where you know you need to go, you will find what you are looking for allowing your journey to be oh so fun...

To the extent that you are willing to listen to your little voice inside is to the extent that your journey will being. To the extent that you are next willing to act on what you are hearing is to the extent that results will begin to occur in your life. To the extent that you are willing to believe in yourself and trust that you are able to create all that you want, desire and deserve for yourself is to the extent that true transformation at the grandest level will unfold.

I invite you to ask yourself what brought you to this blog post at this moment in time? What area of your life is good but could be even better? Regardless of how things have been... how are you ready for them to be different NOW?

Join Dr. Melissa as the journey unfolds...

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  1. Dr. Melissa is truly appreciated by many. I have the pleasure of bothing knowing her and seeing her work in action. She has a remarkable spirit and giving nature that explodes from her presence. Dr. Melissa has an exceptional ability to just make you feel good - there is no better way to say it. Her passion to find the best in all of us and get it out there for the world and ourselves to see is both inspiring and motivating to anyone who experiences it firsthand. My heart, body and soul all thank her.

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